Time to mine People!!!

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  1. Ok, so TONS of people beg for "who sells slime". Its SOOOOO annoying, so my solution:Gather tons of people and make a 100x100x5 room in the wild, and put millions of torches so slimes spawn! Although it sounds crazy, itll be worth it. Ive thought of the rules:
    1. Only mine where told to.
    2. Only Mine in rows, You may only gather resources that are in your row.
    3. Cover up caves/ravines. Dont explore them.
    4. Do not steal.
    5. Listen to people who are in charge (Ill list those people once i pick them)
    You will be payed based on this:
    1. No complaints about you, did extra work, and was a team miner=100r
    2. Somebody complained about you, and you didnt follow directions efficently: 75r
    3. More than 1 complaint about you/Didnt follow the rules=25r.
    4. More than 3 complaints about you, and didnt listen at all=0r
    If youd like to join, Post below. Also, 3 iron picks are provided, bring your own picks. If you absolutely NEED another pick, you will recieve wood/stone.
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  2. you need to research slime spawning a bit. and if you need slimes i always have a stack or two.
  3. I wanna join
  4. Likely hood of a slime chunk being in a 100 times 100, you probat get at least one chunk. But
    , imagine all the diamond picks you would have to go through, and dark Liz eels them pretty cheap.
  5. well actually.. ipwn and i cleared out most of it today XD.
  6. Dang. That must have took a LOOOOONNG time.
  7. Nah... I had an eff2 pickaxe which helped clear out alot pretty quickly.. then i went through two more diamond pickaxes i dont know how many ipwn went through.. but we only did it for a while. and thanks to my fortune 3 pick the three diamond veins we found yielded 27 diamonds.. which covered the loss pretty nicely.
  8. ill help with mob killing... maybe we get someone to set up an [access] chest with a few peoples names on it... then people in charge will collect the slimeballs and put it in the chest to evenly divide... unless it doesn't work like that....
  9. Well I own several slime farms at undisclosed locations I sell slime for 15 a peice all you have to do is come to me and get them. (in the wild)
  10. What empire server is this on?
  11. aww. I live on 2 :(
  12. You guys are crazy :)

    I can help you build an automatic slime farm if you want that could produce at least a stack an hour. PM me if your interested.
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  13. Doesn't work like that. You can pay a thousand rupees to lock ONE chest in the wild for yourself. Also, I am already making a automatic slime farm. Except mine is multi stories. :p
  14. Ill pay good money for a slime chunk........also, Slimes are amazing sources of xp.....