Time to change it from Red!

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  1. So, EmpireMineCraftians, the time has come.

    I've seen alot of posts complaining about me using this font in all my posts, so I will now change it.
    I'll put up a few Fonts here, and you all vote wich one I will use!

    Also, to make it a bit more interesting and attract more people, the first 3 people will recieve 100r!

    Also, the first voter of the Winning Font will recieve an extra 500r!

    So, you all better Start Voting!

    The Fonts you can vote for:

    Thin Orange
    Thin Lime
    Thin Green
    Thin Yellow
    Thin Light Blue
    Thin Cyan (I think :p)
    Thin Blue
    Thin Purple
    Thin Gold

    Bold Orange
    Bold Lime
    Bold Green
    Bold Yellow
    Bold Light Blue
    Bold Cyan (I think again :p)
    Bold Blue
    Bold Purple
    Bold Gold (Me Rich :))

    The votes so far:

    Thin Orange - 1 - Erich141

    Thin Cyan - 3 - HylianNinja
    Thin Yellow - 2 - Malicaii12
    Thin Purple - 1 - Curundu
    Bold Orange - 1 - Pat2011
    Bold Lime/Neon - 1 - Equinox_Boss
    Bold Light Blue - 5 - Creppaninga235
    Bold Gold - 3 - 333kirby
  2. Added option

    Normal white
  3. Me don't wanna use normal text :(
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  4. I vote for thin cyan.
  5. i vote thin pink :D
  6. I vote thin pink
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  7. I hate you guys :D

    *Removes Pink*
  8. Bold Light Blue
  9. 2a2a2a grey text
  11. Not doing grey :p
  12. Best option there is :)
  13. Bold Light Blue
  14. Bold Orange.
  15. does it really matter what color
  16. this made me think of changing text color too! now its all bold neon green!
  17. bold light blue
  18. Bold gold