Time played on minecraft. addiction test

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  1. this is a thing i discovered if you pause and click stats it will say a number of things including time played. so i was wondering what everyone else's is. mine is 10.96 days playing mine craft straight.
    for all of you please post your time too
  2. I play so much it is impossible to tell it.......
  3. haha -- 72.17 days :O
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  4. mine is 10.57d
  5. 100.37 days!
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  6. Also these fun stats:
    Multi-player Joins: 3,031
    and my personal favorite -- Distance Flown: 156.38 meters!
  7. 15.98 days played :p

  8. i change my .jars too much to tell
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  9. 459.23 Days Played.
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  10. Is that just since you last changed your jar? Mine is probably much higher, then.
  11. mine is at 11.5hrs i know it is more than that my guess is 12-25 days
  12. 13.5 days... but I re-downloaded minecraft at the beginning of the summer...