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  1. I am currently selling enchanted books
    The books I am selling are as follows:
    Infinity 1 - 700 rupees
    Knockback 2 - 700 rupees
    Flame 1 - 700 rupees
    Fire Aspect 2 - 1400 rupees
    Blast Protection 4 - 1400 rupees
    Luck of the Sea 3 - 2400 rupees
    All of these books are the maximum level of enchantments that they can get.
    If I have made a mistake with the maxium level, please contact me and let me know.
    I am selling for less than retail, so these are very good deals :)
    To order, please use this form:
    Name of book:
    Total Price:
    Delivery / Pickup
    I am able to deliver to all servers as far as I know.
    For smaller orders I can mail the books to you.
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  2. Name of book: Infinity I
    Quantity: 20
    Total Price: 14k
    Delivery / Pickup: Delivery - Smp9 19237
    EDIT: Paid and access chest is setup :)
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  3. Your books should be ready by tomorrow, if not today :)
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  4. Your order has been completed :) I delivered to 19237. There was some stuff on the ground that I picked up, I will return it when I see you on :)
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  5. I dumped that stuff on ground its junk to me so keep it if you want :p
  6. Bump :D
    Last delivery took around 39 minutes, now that's speed :D