Time For Earning More Rupees!

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  1. Hi, Bedfordfamily again! A lot of you probably would of seen my last forum post, asking for people to help me make 50k for buying an item. Well, this time I want to buy Rudolph, Saltar and Valens, which means I could need up to 200k total! I was really surprised and amazed that I made more than 25k in a few days!

    Ok, so I will still be looking for people who would want some pixel art done, because, as I highlighted in the last post, I like doing pixel art. Also, there is my horse store. Plenty of horses for sale! (only the speed section ATM, sorry) And I am selling my heads at /v 19215 for 1k each. 7 left!

    You can't forget my hotel and racetrack! It's not much, but I am selling rooms at my hotel, and you can also buy a Bedford Pony Club membership pass for 50r. Upgrade to Premium for 200r, and get a free saddle and lead (I don't know if I will do this while saving up sorry).

    I will set up quite a few auctions while I'm at it, so stay tuned!