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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Roslyn, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. So my hard drive for my 4 year old MacBook Pro has finally died. Getting a replacement is fairly easy and cheap which I'll do anyways and use it for school stil but the problem has dawned on me since it fried. It's looking into getting a PC again but it's been so long and tech has advanced so much since I last owned one, I don't know where to begin .

    Tldr: looking for a PC , that that can run games like Rust/sonic ether shaders at 60-100fps (60 being minimum) .
    Price?: anywhere from 500-850$ build. Don't know if this is possible with that much to spend but I've looked at sites like newegg and it all seems like but i just don't know what I'm looking for.

    Before everyone starts naming off parts and graphics card, keep in mind I am a complete noob at understanding what any of that means and looks like a foreign language to me.
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  2. Following about to buy a setup myself. One thing would be the GTX 1080 ;)
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  3. Seeing as the budget it $850 and the 1080 costs $700, i don't think that would be the best option
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  4. True True Didn't see the budget. The 970 Is Reasonable
  5. Well the gtx 1060 is also coming out which could be a good choice i think it will only cost around $300
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  6. This might be an interesting start. (disclaimer, I haven't actually built a pc but the information seems valid)
    From what I heard, the new nvidia cards are overkill for most people so something older would be fine and play everything perfectly.
  7. Don't be too intimidated, it's more like LEGO than anything you'd associate with building a computer at this point :).
  8. The GTX 1060 starts at a lower price than the 970. Buying any 900 series GPU at normal price is pointless now with the 1060.
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  9. Here might be a good starter idea, I'm building this for cheaper (It's gonna cost 800 after stuff like a keyboard and monitor bc my brother took all of those rip)


    The only real problem (yea I see the thing with the USB's) is that if you're opting for a full size motherboard, then the case is not for you. But as far as my research goes, this thing should be able to run Overwatch on decent graphic settings at a little under 60 FPS. So basically, I say you might consider starting here and increasing your price range to buy higher quality parts that you can use.

    Just throwing this out there, hope you can benefit from it in some way? Worth a shot at least

  10. The problem with this build is that that cpu has horrible Single core performance. You be better off getting a 6th gen i3, which would be cheaper and would allow for further upgrades in the future.

    I would make a post on the subreddit /r/buildapc, as they will help you a lot more than anyone here can...
  11. By now I'm sure he's already made up his mind and bought it :p
  12. This is what I get for not checking dates... heheh
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  13. Serves me fine still :p
    Also I got my 6300 for free (reused from freinds build), so lil extra pocket money
    OC to 4.7 GHz too...