Time + Digging = money earned (like 20,000)

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  1. I am looking for someone to digging all of the dirt out of my utopia lot. I have find ppl to do this before and all I found was a bunch of empty promises and slackers. So, please only reply to this thread if you are serious. I am serious about the 20,000 I am willing to pay one or a group of ppl to do it, so I would expect someone to be serious about doing it. I will not supply digging equipment. I will also gladly pay out in increments as progress is made.

    First come, first serve.
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  2. How deep down does the dirt go down? (in blocks) obviously.
  3. I will do it, and it goes down 60 layers, I've been trying to find something to do and why not this. do you supply shovels or do we?
  4. I'll do it, but can I have breaks XD
  5. 60 down, but i will say that the dirt is not full. I have been working tirelessly on this for a long time using a lot of tnt blasts. I would encourage anyone to go and look at the res #5077 and see that massive holes that I have. Frankly, I'm just tired of doing it.
  6. 60 layers?! Give me a minute.
  7. for 20,000 and the fact that a lot is dug out, I am not supplying materials
  8. k, just asking I have so many shovels laying around that need some use :)
  9. Have fun excavating 864,000 blocks of dirt.. But, if you grovel IcecreamCow, i'm sure he'll sprint to your res and make it look like this:

    He loves his tnt..
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  10. I hae a shovel also, but when its broken caan I use 1 XD
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  11. imparanoid, you were first to say you are interested. Are u truly interested in this?
  12. Very interested
  13. ok, fair enough. I will set perms for u. I do request that u leave the top layer alone. There is a lava pit on surface ur welcomed to burn dirt or keep it idc.
  14. Lets do some math, a diamond shovel can excavate 1025 dirt blocks before breaking.. soo..

    you would need 842 diamond shovels to dig out the entire res.

    842 diamonds for the shovel can cost from 33680 rupees to 37890 rupees on average.

    for the shovel you'd need 1684 sticks = 842 wooden planks = 210.5 logs.

    In conclusion, the cost of excavating the entire lot if you bought products would cost the amount of logs needed + x>33680 rupees, have fun forking out this much :)
  15. I'm assuming this is 120x120, and 64 down?

    Some has been completed? Can you estimate how much?

    What is the timeframe - e.g. 1 week?
  16. There has to be pretty much 30-50% of this res dugout already.
    120x120 but 60 down
  17. I kinda think you'll need more than 1 for this job, dude.
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  18. then ill use meh bare hands LOLZ

  19. >>Very interested>ok, fair enough. I will set perms for u.
    You hand out perms far too easily. Be careful with that.
  20. what can u do with build that would hurt? can't access containers, cant use anything... seems harmless to me