TiicksEnigma lost his pass.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by DOTD1997, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. This needs admin help ASAP. TriicksEnigma went to donate for his account (gold mem) when he lost his password. He tried to recover but email never came. Please help! I doesn't want to loose a friend of mine over a forum password.
  2. PM a moderator and they'll be able to help out your friend. Try iSmooch :)
  3. K, thanks!
  4. First of all, tell him to click forgot password again. If he doesn't receive an email after that, he needs to make sure he is checking the right email address. If these step don't work you should PM an admin for him. You might want to PM Icecreamcow since it appears that Justin hasn't been online since last week.
  5. I pmed icecream. He is positive he is using the right email
  6. Make sure he checks his spam folder, for some reason many EMC password verification emails go in there.
  7. he has, it isn't there
  8. I lost the password to my other account on the forums, and I tried to get it to send me a reset thing several times. Never worked. I only have a few emails account I use and they're all linked to my Apple Mail. If I have spam come through, it tells me and asks if it is or isn't junk. I've never had a single one of those emails show up.
  9. ouch...
  10. All fixed now though. iSMOOCH helped me :)
  11. :D That's awesome. If only he could help Triicks.