Tickrate flag (in 1.9)

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  1. In minecraft 1.9, players can change the update rate of a world. This idea is to allow players to set the tickrate of their resses, anywhere between 0 and 20 tps (default). This would allow players to slow or stop certain processes for aesthetic purposes, such as wheat growth. Perhaps OPs would have the ability to make the tps higher than default, but that option should definitely not be for normal players. An alternate way to get a similar effect would be to make it a blocktick flag that can be set to true or false, making the res tickrate 20 or 0 respectively. Another use for this ability would be to set derelict resses to a lower tickrate. Maybe add a new level of derelict where tickrates are slowed, then stopped for full derelict. This would help the overall server tps with derelict resses needing less attention from the server.
  2. I don't think that would be possible since tick rate is for the entire world.
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  3. True, but toggling fire ticking is for the whole world in vanilla, and EMC figured out how to make it a res flag, so it may be possible for them to make this a flag.
  4. It was possible due to it making the fire not updating on that res, but with ticks, it affects all plants, and basally the whole game, could cause major lag and maybe not posible...
  5. Not sure where you heard this but it's not true nor something We would do.

    The game would have to be rewritten from scratch almost to affect tick rate
  6. I guess i misunderstood the actual values, but i know there is a "/gamerule randomTickSpeed [value]", but i guess the default is 3, not 20 like I assumed.
  7. Good Suggestion though!!! we all make mistakes atlas you tried something right? But yea as Aikar said the game would have to be made around tick speed =P
  8. yeah that tick "speed" isnt same as server tick rate, but that is a world wide setting and cant be per res.