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  1. O.k so i had this idea.. you see a lot of these parkours or places that require a ticket (book) to get into.. but you always need the person their. So what if you could do that without you actually doing it? hehe make sense? ok let me explain more.

    Say you find a door but it requires you to buy this book or whatever the case may be BUT you also need the player to be on as well to approve and show that they bought. So what if you could set up it kinda like the teleports are. You buy a book and the door opens for you and you don't need the player their.

    You could set up the sign for the ticket (book) and then it'll tell you to place the door down and then obviously it cancels out once you place that door. So when someone buys the book they have 30s to go through. Then if maybe if you don't want them to reuse that book their could be a timer on it say you buy it and then you can no longer use it or its only good say for a week. I don't know that is my suggestion :) hope you guys like it.
  2. You can do this already with comparators :p
  3. Oh i have no idea what that is.. lol oops
  4. One member posted a tutorial how to do it with comparators, don't remember his name :oops:.
    I build my woolfarm with this door, here is a video I made. The woolfarm didn't work so good, because not so many members trust this door. If I'm online, you can see the door on smp1, 212. Or the creator of the tutorial sees this thread :)

  5. The thing below the chest is a dropper. Fill it up with items [Like dirt] and you don't need to fill anything in the chest
  6. Ill build one for you of you want
  7. Thing under the chest is a hopper you say?
  8. OH Dropper :p I mix those two up all the time