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  1. Hello, this is Ryuga_XI, and I have an idea. Since everyone's building a big fat mama base everywhere there go, I've decided I'm going to build one. (That's not colossal.) But unfortunately, I have no friends playing EMC anymore, so I have no one to build with. So, I need people. I'm ONLY going to bring 5 people. These are the jobs:

    Miner: Mines things and brings things to help build the base, like chests, coal, furnaces, etc. (Taken.)
    LumberJack: Willingly brings a lot of logs and will travel far to get some logs.
    FoodMaster: Brings a lot of water buckets, hoes, and any kind of seeds or food to grow at our base. (Taken.)
    Right-Hand Man: Will help me plan out the base. I WILL ONLY ASSIGN SOMEONE WHO'S MY FRIEND ON EMC THIS JOB!!!
    Miner No. 2: Same job as miner. Must cooperate with miner, as he has the authority to tell you what to do. But if it gets out of control, just PM me.

    Signed, Ryuga
  2. would u be interested in hiring me as a farm builder?
  3. K. I still haven't decided when to build the base.
  4. so is that a yes?
  5. I don't think he is actually trying to "hire" people for rupees. Its more like you want to or you don't want to.
  6. Good day. I might like to help you, but it can't be on smp3 or smp2 for me because I am already helping with wild bases there. I don't really care what job I have, I'm good at all of them.
  7. Yes.
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  8. It's probably going to be on smp1.
  9. Miner No. 1 I guess.
  10. Exactly my point!!!
  11. I will take that job. Smp1 works for me.
    Happy building :)
  12. K. Thanks for your cooperation. :)
  13. YAY cool thx
  14. Bumpity bump! :)
  15. C'mon, we need people to start going on this forum!!!