Thus, MindTowers was Born!

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  1. Over the past few months I have been constructing MindTowers. Now, before you start spamming posts saying "omg another mall?", no. MindTowers is not a mall, it is a symbol of beauty. MindTowers is a shop, just not a mall. There shall be the following floors:

    Ground Floor - Café
    1st Floor - Enchantment Level
    2nd Floor - Shop, Business
    3rd Floor - Hotels, Offices (Offices for rent are not available)

    Although it is still under construction phase, I have instructed myself to advertise it. The 2nd Floor will try to sell most items. Enchantment Level will be most enchantments. (I will try my best to get all enchantments) 3rd floor will be a simple Hotel with some offices. Ground floor is just a simple café selling a range of food and potions.

    Donations to MindTowers would help even more. If you wish to donate please post here and I will add your name to the list below.

    List -

    Amazin_Swordfish - 3k
    ScarTheNinja - 500r + Items

    MindTowers is located on SMP1, 540.
    Here are some pics. :)





    Also, paying someone 1k to make me a signature about MindTowers. :)
  2. Nice build. I'll donate if I can :)
  3. Just donated 3K, hope it helps. :)
  4. I will donate next time I get on, looks great!
  5. Thank you for your donation. :)
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  6. News Flash! (Dun, Dun, Dunnn)

    MindTowers is close to being complete! I have finished all 3 floors and have put in the flooring of the ground floor. Donation room is set up underground and construction of MindMall (Res 539) has begun.

    All donators will now get a sign up on the appropriate wall. All donations will now go towards a roof and setting up the shops. Donations to MindMall would be even better! Enjoy, will post more pics soon. Remember to donate!

    Lapis - 500r +
    Redstone - 5k +
    Glowstone - 10k +

  7. I donated :p
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  8. You did! And I think you for it. :)