Throwing knives and spears

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  1. What if emc had throwing knives and spears

    Throwing Knives would act as fast to activate low damage projectiles

    Spears would be a melee weapon and a prjectile, if you throw it you could pick it up again, slightly less damaging than sword and bow

    Throwing knife recipie 1 tier material with one stick below it makes 9 knives

    Spear recipie 2 sticks and an arrow shape of tier material, so three tier material shaped like a point with 2 sticks below
    | Recipie
  2. Minecraft is not really all about weapons. You have a bow, a sword or what ever you use to kill mobs, thats all you need. Minecraft is about building, and being creative.
  3. EMC cant add these, you'll have to talk to Mojang if you want these.
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  4. in a way they could but they wouldn't be able to make a new texture.
    they could give snowball power perks and such so when you chuck them they do damage the mob but only have 1 use.
    also EMC wouldnt be able to add a crafting recipe so they could only be brought via the shop
  5. Yes I know, im saying EMC cant add these the way he wants them.
  6. Hmmmmm, I got it its just a suggestion

    And the rate of fire on the bow is a little slow
  7. The bow does damage of a diamond sword if you fully charge it + you don't run the risk of getting attacked directly because you stand from a distance. The fire rate is the little sacrifice you make for the great weapon.

    Anyway, as stated already server-sided client mods can't be add to EMC, it would require that every single player downloads that one mod for their own client or else they can't use EMC.
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  8. no it is possible, if you ever been on a pvp sever they have all types of customized weapons, plus there is server textures so it is very much possible but not easy to do
  9. EMC will not add a texture pack. The mods let you choose your own. Sorry, this is not going to happen.

    EMC cannot also add custom crafting recipes.
  10. Look like I've said I get it

    I don't need an argument about this
  11. If you go on most PvP devoted servers you can see that when you get really good with a bow you can spam arrows at people, or in EMC's case, mobs.
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  12. Well..
    Didn't sound very much like you 'got it'.