Three Corners Building Game

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  1. Hey EMC, here is a game that Bunda153, Littlechick111 and myself have
    been working on most of today.

    It is called the Three Corners Building Game, where there are
    three teams of 3-8 people.
    Each team has a corner, where they are allowed to build.

    How does this game work?
    Teams will be given five minutes to discuss the building they have to make,
    and as soon as those five minutes are up, building time begins!
    Depending on the size of the teams, there will be five to ten minutes
    for them to build the building of their choice.
    Once they have completed discussion time and building time,
    the judges and the spectators will be allowed to look through
    the buildings, and vote.

    Once the votes are in, the winning team will be awarded points.
    After both rounds, the team with the highest score wins.

    What are the prizes?

    The prizes will be as follows:
    Winning team: A spot on the Winner's Wall.
    Each member of the winning team: 100r.
    Each member of the losing teams: 20r.

    Comment if you would like to have a go at Three Corners Building Game today, or any day! [Res 12352 SMP6]
    {Please take some time to check this res out: 12352, and look at these awesome pictures for an idea of how epic the game is!}

    2013-03-04_13.22.47.png 2013-03-04_13.22.52.png 2013-03-04_13.23.18.png 2013-03-04_13.23.25.png 2013-03-04_13.23.39.png 2013-03-04_13.23.43.png
  2. Is there a theme to what the build has to be?
    And how big are the corners?
  3. The builds will be selected by the Judges (which I need a few of!) and the corners are 25x25 blocks each.
  4. This game is soooo cool. Cause I helped you with it :D
    Anyway, we need people to play!
  5. Ahem, I helped out too. Little grasshopper ^.^
  6. Well, you guys should get on the servers so you can get people to come look at the thread. dUh.
  7. This is the time of the day and week with the lowest player count. :(
    I'd participate on weekends.
    ... have to attend to RL tasks now...
  8. Just realised that. I will hold an event next weekend some time, hopefully people will be able
    to fill up the slots of smp6 for a few rounds :D