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Should We Have This?

Yeah 10 vote(s) 58.8%
No 7 vote(s) 41.2%
  1. Should the person who made the thread get admin control over it?

    like lock it, delete posts etc
  2. I kind of like the idea, but they should be less powerful. They should be able to "hide" posts, but players should be able still see them. Just a less powerful version would be better
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  3. Well, definitely not in auctions, that would cause a lot of potential trouble. I can imagine other thread creators being a nuisance with this ability too (eg Ban Appeals).

    Perhaps the thread maker should be able to press a button that asks any staff on square to consider locking the post for them?
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  4. mmhhmmm
  5. Definitely NO. I think that the admins should keep their powers.
  6. Good idea,But also maybe something like "Forward This" so that something becomes extra clear for others to view.....
  7. I like the button for automatically calling a moderator, but now you can pm them and report the post also. I see the "hiding button" useless, if everyone could continue watching the post.
  8. I see this as an excellent way to manipulate a thread. Someone says something that you disagree with, Boom! they're out.

    I think the Marketplace and Auction threads need some form of automated monitoring. Giving control of a thread to the OP is asking for abuse though.

    Could I get an example or more detail explaining why this is needed?
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  9. well say i make a thread and then there is loads of posts then i can delete them,

    and with the locking if people stop the use of the thread then people can reply
  10. I'd say title change. Nothing else.
  11. 50/50 hmmmmmmmm
  12. I'm not sure what you're saying here, but I suspect what you mean is this:

    Say I make a thread and then there are posts I don't like, then I can delete them.

    I can lock a thread. If people post things I don't like, I'll make it so people can't post on it anymore.

    Some threads get out of hand and there are often posts that shouldn't be posted. I think the way to handle them is to report them. If you explain what the problem is, the Staff can decide to lock the thread, remove posts, or just scold people. Staff attention often comes late and I think I see why you might want something like this though.

    Title change as suggested above would be a good idea.

    I try to proofread the things I post before clicking "Post Reply", but often catch mistakes or decide to add things. I think Edit and Delete, and the ability to change the Title are the most a normal user should have access to.
  13. Allow players lockking threads and deleting posts everywhere is not a good idea; we've got the report button already. Anyways, this could be useful, but not seen from this point of view. I agree with the title change.
  14. maybe have a button that sends a request to a mod to lock the thread and you have to give a reason same for deletes sends to online mods or to a admin etc
  15. Well... You can just PM a mod now. It's the same.
  16. AhemReportButton.JPG

    A button like this?
  17. If you interpreted my post as an endorsement of this idea, you might want to read it again.
    they can have a hide post button so anyone with innappropriate content can be hidden
    (I have no clue how to do the /hide thing so this will be easier
  19. Lol, I just replied to a random post to show my opinions.
  20. /hide is a ingame command for supportters in the Wilderness. Anyways, good idea.