THQ Auction

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  2. I thought homefront was a great game and this was all it was worth
    Item #5 - Homefront - All assets related to Homefront and Homefront 2 Winning bidder: Crytek Winning bid: $544,218 Back-up bidder: None
    At least its been saved!
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  3. Lol I was like, 544k? wat lol.
  4. What is this?
  5. And it's been saved by Crytek, makers of the Crysis series.
    I expect great things. :)
    Back in December, THQ filed for bankruptcy after many years of financial problems.
    Back on the 22nd of this month, they auctioned off most their assets to other companies, and sadly laid off most of it's remaining staff.
    The article is the result of said auction.
  6. The original Homefront is a great game - and now the makers of Crysis own it and are making Homefront 2 :D This is going to be good.
  7. One of the few games on console to have 32 player online battles.
    Now it's being developed by Crytek it'll have great graphics too.
    Might just be a contender for Battlefield.
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  8. Sorry But I just have to say this.

    Planetside 2

    One of the few First Person Shooters to have 6,000 player online battles

    It's amazing.

    But only availble for pc :p

  9. Yeah the graphics do need a major upgrade!
  10. Aww. Now when I start games no more with the TEE AYCH KYOU (THQ) all in my face. :(
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  11. Meanwhile on console lol.....
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  12. I loved homefront it was amazing, Until I needed to purchase an online pass :/
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  13. Wow, those games went for a lot.
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  14. Planetside 2 isn't really too great...It's glitchy, looks disgusting, and the players are all idiots.
  15. Ubisoft had better not screw up South Park.
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  16. Please explain in more details.

    Every game is glitchy (I haven't encountered a glitch yet after playign since launch date) How does it look disgusting? It looks beutiful in a 1080p monitor with high graphics.

    The players are all idiots? Im a player, am I an idiot?

    The Players gather up to form huge battles which can't even be described.
  17. Yes every game is glitchy, and from a developer's POV (I can make a very crappy platformer with Java) I agree - however there is no need for Planetside 2's buginess. I can fall through walls, the floor, get stuck for reasons undescribed, and it lags like hell usually - and my CPU and RAM is fine - it's on the server's side.
    I also have a 1080p screen and I can play it on high graphics, the guns, the players are all rugged. They have spikes on their edges, and multiple rendering bugs.
    You spawn-camp people on your FTB server, you move the spawn to people's bases and grief them...maybe you are.
  18. ...
    You don't need to purchase an online pass lol.
  19. Last I played you did.
  20. Spawn Camp? Umm lol I'd never hit anyone.

    No I don't move the spawn to people's bases, Where did you hear that?

    I don't greif places? If I greifed why would I still be on EMC?