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  1. Once my current auction is over I will possibly be auctioning a group of five pickaxes:
    Silk +Eff2
    Unbr3 +Fort 3
    Unbr3+ Fort2 +Eff 3
    2x Unbr3 +Eff4
    My question is if I should enchant a couple shovels and axes just to make this a complete work set?
    Or armor/weapons?
    Who has an opinion on the matter? :)
  2. If you've got the XP, go ahead, it will likely attract more buyers and more R for you.
  3. A silk touch shovel would be a unique item, there are not many around, but they are not as versatile as a pickaxe either.
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  4. Silk touch shovels can pick snow caps instead of picking up the snowballs.
  5. I guess that would come in handy if one needed to remove mycelium. Haha, but looking at the wiki seems to point to the fact that other than a silk shovel and possibly a efficiency for an axe, enchantments are only truly useful on pickaxes. (Excluding weapons and armor of course)
  6. Yeah, all enchantments for the rest of the tools make the tool last longer, and thats it.
  7. Oh and good news too, after snapshot 12w17a silk touch also picks up ice blocks, a million *likes* for this. :)
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  8. It would appear that these forums do not have an ultra super like button :) therefore I will try the archaic way and actually say that I ultra super like this.
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