Thoughts on a block of diamond DC auction?

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  1. I've been mining for quiet a while and I've built up alotta diamonds.. Can anyone evens afford a DC. Auction of diamond blocks? Thoughts? Opinions?
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  2. I can afford it if it costs 300r
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  3. Details? Starting price.
  4. Wow, that's a lot... Maybe someone with millions, this is More so an auction for millionaires, by you may be able to sell it for more by putting it in a shop and selling them like that
  5. Hehe, tough luck with that :p

    I bet there are a lot of people how would buy diamonds.
  6. If you did this auction you would be insanely rich after.
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  7. Based on a price of 50r a diamond, that would be 1,555,200r...
    Only one other auction in EMC history has surpassed that to my memory and that was for a dragon egg.
    (It also lead to the largest shop transaction)
  8. A single chest of diamond blocks on a avg of 40 to 42 r would be 620 to 650k which some people can afford, double that,then it's about 1.2 to 1.3m which about only 5 people can afford and probably aren't interested in such a auction.
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  9. Usually, if you buy in bulk, you would get a lower price per diamond. So maybe 40r per diamond.
  10. Usually, not always.
    Even then, it would only go down to 1,244,260r
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  11. Like I said earlier, maybe around 5 to 8 have
  12. What? What point are trying to make there lol?
    I never said who did or did not have the money.
  13. I would try it.
  14. Also, if you were to to try this, I'm betting that whoever would bid (if anyone) would probably be the only bidder as very few people have that amount of rupees.
    My advice, separate the blocks and do one or maybe two DCs of single diamonds instead.
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  15. Would anyone be interested in the auction though?
  16. The auction worth will be 1,200,000 - 1,600,000
    I can afford it, but i don't really needs this many diamons
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  17. Or 9
  18. What would the point of that?
    Separating out the diamonds just to auction them together again?
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  19. Oh I meant do like 9 seperate auctions of 1 double chest of diamonds
  20. Oh, nvm then, but that would get extremely repetitive.
    Perhaps 3 auctions of 3 chests?