Those little mistakes.

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  1. This thread will be about those little mistakes that you do often or rarely. For example my mistake I do sometimes is when I fall asleep midday, then wake up at night and can't fall asleep . Feel free to comment on my mistake/agree or you can post your own little mistakes. Ready set go!
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  2. Nice idea if I can remember something I'll post it :D
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  3. Always going:
    Hi" < when I mean Hi!
    How are you// < Its not hard with that one
    They're my chat mistakes, I will post more soon!
  4. Forgetting things right at the time you need them- dammit I forgot lol
  5. Timezone bump
  6. Going into a room, forgetting what you need, remembering again.

    Getting into an argument, and then I think of really good things I could have said half an hour later.
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  7. Exactly, that happens to me too.
    There is a word for the seconds one....
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  8. Being right in the middle of a discussion and then all the sudden the person your talking to pulls out their phone because someone texted them and there like "Hold on a sec.".
  9. When people are fighting over who like the best then start fighting saying the other one insults too much then the whole group of people join in and you like Well... Urmmm.... Oh Hai Other Friend!