Thistle's Cobble Hauling

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  1. Have too many chests filled with godforsaken cobble? Sick of looking at those tiny little worthless stones? Need somebody trustworthy to just take it all away?

    Introducing: Thistle's Cobble Hauling.

    If you have more than a DC of cobble on any server (except the wild/nether/waste, natch), I will come to your place and whisk it away, for only 100 Rupees a DC (or fraction thereof). Most orders will be filled within 48 hours (barring extraordinary circumstances), given that the correct permissions have been given. While tips are accepted for quick work, I will not haul away anything other than cobble.

    PM me on the forums to order.
  2. Cobble=Life
  3. If people dont need cobble they would just drop it in a lava pit...
  4. Or /destroy
  5. That would require clicking a million times. :p
  6. cntrl+ Item drop button ;)
  7. Not that I don't appreciate good razzing, but if you guys don't like the service, don't use it. :D
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