This weekend only, Mob Drop Shop at 18617, smp9

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  1. For this weekend only, we have reopened the doors to the Mob Drop Shop at 18617, smp9.
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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  2. Bump - Reduced prices on many items when you buy by the SC!
  3. Yay! I'm still sad that it's closing again on mon
  4. The Enchanted Mega Mall at 18252 is closing.
    Mob Drop Shop will be open on holidays/occasional weekends.
    Happy shopping!
  5. It's just sad because the shop looked good and I use it for mob drops.
  6. Bump. Gold at 1r per nugget (9r per ingot), provided Runningrhino doesn't buy it all.

  7. About nine hours left until the shop is closed for awhile...