This was going to be my Pretty Scary Contest Entry...

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  1. But I never got around to building it on my res. Just so my building wasn't a waste of time, I made a video and I think it's worth sharing:

    Like, comment, subscribe, the usual things Youtube beggars ask for...
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  2. I've not watched the video yet, but the image that appears before you click play is scary enough... (*hint* text *hint*)
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  3. Lol xP
  4. SoulPunisher.... what is the name of the song/artist?
  5. Check the description, it's all there.
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  6. I should have known... thx!
  7. Go to the video, and read the description.
  8. IMO if there were jungle trees, jungle vines, night and some spiders then it might look alot better.
    But may i ask what kind of creature is that? Mutated chicken?
  9. Pretty scary bro :p
    -I just realized that 1.4 comes out this week! :D
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  10. To me it looked like a retarded (Not ment to be used in slang, it actually looks...retarded)...ant on steriods.