This thing called death.

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  1. Hello... Since Ive found some comfort in music and my grandmothers death today, I'm just going to type some lyrics and post them for y'all to show how I feel.

    This thing called death, can cause so much stress. It can be miserable or it can be beautiful. This thing called death, can cause so much stress. Some times it amazing or it can be crazy, this thing called death...
    Check Check, yeah; listen. This thing you drugged it, everybody uses it. You wanna know the out come but thats determined on how you use it, death can be the best part of a story or it can the enemy to this century, it can be the door you walk through into eternity; but you never see death can be the reason why, theres not so much inside; your afraid to hide it but Im saying y'all will al ways have it. Like is it to mean fir me to lean on it, or is a sign that came up on the dime to learn from it. Some say it is tragic but I call it beautiful, some say its black or its like the mines in the oceans, and some would call for it cause they thinks it not as worst as living through it. Some say they understand but don't know how it feels; some say its a lie and say it can peel, but most of us didn't even know that sometimes that its real; sugar coat it comes in the books around you, and that it will drown you; people wanna explain it but they don't know how to, some of us are searching like it never found you.

    Thats all I've written so far, so I'm just asking that you keep me in your thoughts or prayers. Thank you.
  2. I'm sorry for your loss. It's good you found something to get you through it, and I like it so far for sure. :)
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