This may or may not be goodbye

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  1. Well, hello all. So I guess this is one of those normal goodbye threads. It's not easy to say but it would be better if I do.
    You may have seen me on SMP5 building countless shops and letting them fall out of stock and into chaos, or on SMP7 doing secret things.. I've been here for quite a while on this account and on one I used before this one.

    So to start with reasons I am leaving, I stepped out into the real world and have been doing things that kept me busy, as well as a soon to come vacation. These things have left me no time for minecraft, and my occasional lurking on the forums.
    I am leaving because of a busy lifestyle, no other reasons. This may not be my final goodbye (It may just be an extended break), I may come visit every now and then but I will not be online as much as I use to. As to my friends, I hope you know who you are and I thank you for joining me on this long and epic journey through the Empire, some of you I have gotten really close with and I would wish to continue to be close to you, so if you want you could PM me on here for some of my contact information.
    As for now, However; I wish everyone good luck with their adventures in life.
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  2. This is not goodbye. This is see you later =)

    Good luck goreman2000! Hopefully this break is just what you need in your life right now and I wish you the best.
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  3. Thank you, had fun coming in second in all of the firefloors I went to and odd chats on mumble.
  4. have fun and im sure we will see you once again. sometimes we just need to step away from the keyboard to see what lies beyond it so we can succeed in other goals in life. goodluck on your own journeys and im glad to have spoken with you countless times (and buy you out of stock on many occasions). i may have not known you extremly well but i knew you enough to know you were known pretty well and did alot on different servers
  5. Thanks so much, had so much fun seeing your amazing builds. See you later! :)