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Do you think I can work these two out to be 60 blocks long? :)

Yes 8 vote(s) 61.5%
No 5 vote(s) 38.5%
  1. *twitch* Must resist urge to burn *twitch*
  2. Snow would be your best bet on the white since it's regenerative and close to the spawn in the wild. Buy the rest. 1,700 should be enough to buy all of it if you use pumpkin. Lapis is pretty much everywhere. I have a ton of it in my shop too. 3397, come by and get some.

    Count the pixels on those images and see if it totals up to 64 high x 64 wide but it looks like it should fit in your lot.
  3. Ya, wild would be a bad idea. I wouldn't destroy them, I just have a hatred of the pony culture. No offense, most of you are good people.
  4. oh smp1, not sure about snow there, but there's tons of it just outside the spawn on SMP2. Sorry...that's where my shop is too.
  5. Go to the south outpost there is plenty of snow just south of there
  6. you shouldn't have to worry about being killed in the wild. As long as you stay out of lava and watch out for the holes you're fine. PvP is disabled on the server so no player can physically harm you.

    I was thinking about the height. If you're going to build it laying flat on the ground, then that'll be a 60x60 restraint, but if you build it standing up, it only would take up 1 x 60 x 64. It's 128 even if your lot is 60x60, but yeah I still think it should fit. You can always skew the grid a little if need be, but i don't think that'll be the case here. What you can do is take that image, toss it into photoshop and outline the exact edge of the image (remove the white area) then scale down the image to 60x60. Each pixel would equal a block on your lot no graphing paper required.
  7. Pretty much that's it in a nutshell. You should go see one of the NPC villages we've revamped. You're a lot more safe inside them after we're done with them. We wall up the outside to keep the enemies outside and we light up the interior fully to prevent spawning inside the wall even at night. Fact is they still spawn sometimes, and it's a matter of cleanup every so often. It's not 100% secure, but it's 99.9% secure. I'll have to take a screenshot of one of the ones I'm working on now at night so you can see what I mean. Just remember, it's not about night and day, it's about light and darkness and you'll be fine. Enemies spawn in the shade and dark areas, some are affected by direct sunlight which is why skelies and zombies burn during the day. ALL monsters, once spawned, are on a timer, if they don't find anything within a certain time they vanish. Stay away from them and they'll eventually go away as with all mobs. When you fight, have armor...check out the wiki about how to build some. Iron armor is the most cost effective armor you can get, but if you can afford buying 24 diamonds, get yourself some diamond armor and you're a god in the wild...
  8. lol, nice! Craft yourself some diamond armor and the extras you got make a diamond sword, shovel and pickaxe with it and go farm some stuff up. Also, make some sheers as soon as you can get some iron. It'll increase your wool recovery from sheep.

  9. Those are best setup in the wild IMO. Dig underground and have a nice little hole nearby to get into it. Unlimited room, no mobs spawning and trampling your stuff. Course there's a lot of room under the ground of your res to have farms so It's probably fine there too. 64 levels of blocks, divided by 5 block levels....that gives you about 12 stories worth of space to build farms on. Then put your ponies on the ground level and up...
  10. Use a lilly pad instead of a cobble block. They lay on the water and you won't fall in.

    If you go with entire cobble, keep in mind you'll have to farm it up...and that's a lot of cobble...64x60x60 230,400 blocks (if it's solid...course it won't be completely solid). Gotta remember there's 3600 blocks per level if the entire floor is used. so there's at least 43,200 blocks to be used in 12 stories which means 675 stacks of cobble stone, not counting the walls. ;)
  11. I could help supply for this project, if you decide to do this I am on SMP4 a majority so check me there :)
  12. When your in any smp server, just type /purchase vault, and it will open a double chest inventory for you to transfer your belongings too. Then just access the vault using the same command to retrieve them.
    If you are on utopia, the command is /vault, without the purchase command, because vault is free on utopia and costs 10r each time on smp servers.

    Oh, and you can also only access your vault In town currently.