This is what I imagine when I see all caps in chat...

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  1. so please, unless you really are about to eat a small child, DON'T use capslock.
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  2. Doctor Who pics FTW! But i totally agree. They are all like "IMA GO USE CAPSLOCK NOW" :p
  3. And the best part is when they caps a sentence and they type Sorry caps after it, but in the same sentence
    Its like ZOMGCAPSLOCKHEHEHE Sorry capslock.
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  4. "best"? you may want to reword that
  5. No its best :) Its a way of sarcasm.
  6. nah i got it :) and i agree completely. I smile when someone get's kicked for doing that a few times
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  7. Just when I replied to this thread this popped up :)

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  8. I liked the post, but really I mean I HATE that, just in case anyone was confused.
  9. Haha :D Nahh I think I got it
  10. haha nice pic,
  11. Oh God those things. Bat freak mutant things. I need to go back and watch DW again.

    But anyways ya stop with the caps :p