"This is what I am losing" Thread...

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  1. Well, I have finished gathering items into chests that I want in preparation for the reset. I was going to take down my house for the logs but figured it wasn't worth it. I have decided however, to take a few screenshots of what I have made in the wild. My, "home away from home" if you will.

    Sad to see it go, I probably wont make another wild project, but all is for the better.

    Full powered rail system spanning 2500+ blocks from outpost
    Double mob spawners, 1 zombie and 1 skeleton with powered rail to the grind zone
    Full power enchant abilities
    Direct access to nearby cave for easy access to minerals in a pinch
    Beach Front property with Soul sand port for boats
    nether portal with a large, hidden wart farm
    Short, relaxing boat ride to nearby forests

    Never finished the inside really. Guess I'm not much of an interior decorator anyways. I had a third floor planned but never got to it either lol.

    Anyways, looking forward to seeing other, soon to be lost creations. ;p

  2. Well i could upload like 240 pictures i took of Desland, they take up about 3GB of memory on my harddrive. xD I'm loosing it all. I had 17500+ rails placed. the Capitol was about 4 times the size of a utopia lot, thats not including the other towns, My castle which was 34x34, pretty nice, was beastly, my whole kingdom was great. :)

    maybe ill upload the pictures at some point, Still A very nice house by any standard. :)
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  3. Wow! What a house!!!
    It's amazing:D
    So sad it will all be gone when the reset comes....:(
    But the reset is for a good cause so....
    But still.. it's sad that all your fantastic work will be gone:(
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  4. 250+ buildings :p railways EVERYWHERE xD
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  5. That place is so awesome.
  6. Thanks for sharing, I've heard stories about your place and have always wondered what it might look like.
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  7. Wow :O
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  8. Been there, used the rail. :p

    Also Justin, I will have no internet for 11 days. :/ When is the reset?
  9. Oh My God. That's just MASSIVE. Well it's massive on the Wild. I wonder why it havent got griefed. Is it rly far from the spawn?
  10. It's a 7min rail ride, give or take.

    EDIT: Utopia
  11. Is it in Utopia? If not i have to go look at it. x3
  12. Mine's not as epic as yours. I made it after jeb's tweet about forest biomes and there was talk of possible reset.

    It's a pirate ship, no cannons because i don't like guns much. I've spent most of my time the last few months out here or near here.


    Secret (Shh!) nether tunnel from outpost, I was going to put rails down, but wanted to wait until I found out about the reset.
    Enchantment Table where I enchant everything
    Nether portal with small netherwart farm
    Nether Tunnel to Large netherwart farm and Nether fortress / blaze spawners
    Nether Tunnel to Jungle Biome and new Zombie Farm
    Mine with powered rails to another mob farm I made for records
    Wheat and Melon farms, Chicken Egg and Chicken Farm

    I'm kind of looking forward to the reset, actually i'm itching for it to hurry up and happen so i can start a new one. I want to make a bigger ship with more wood than just planks, or a obsidian ship floating in lava in the nether. I had an idea of starting a fleet also haha.

    Well here are the pictures:

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  13. OMG, that's an amazing house!! It's amazing that it hasn't been griefed! I guess having it in the Utopia wild offers some protection, since only Gold and Diamond supporters can go there.
  14. Wow! Amazing house!
  15. would there be a way justinguy could protect these area's from being reset??? if so that would be great.
  16. Or could it may be possible for him to cut it out of the wild and put it in your Utopia Res? If so, you wouldn't need to lose all of your hard work...
  17. all my pictures have the Co-ords on them for Desland so I will upload a few days before the reset so it does get griefed xD
  18. Nope. two major reasons why....

    He is against using world edit cause its against the "Legit" aspect of the game.
    If he did it for me, EVERYONE with any project in the wild would request the same thing.
  19. Yea, and mine wouldnt fit on my utopia lot :(
  20. Surprised no one ellse has posted any