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  1. Hello, I am Twinchicken86, commonly known as chickenmanCO or E+ on YouTube, and the famous skin-maker. I am an avid minecrafter, and an op/admin/moderator on almost every server I play on (yep, I'm that amazing.). I co-own a server with a friend, and also, as mentioned before, make skins. If you go onto the skindex and search "beginnerman", you will find a couple of my top hit skins (I have already seen two people on the Empire wearing them). Anyways, I am an expert at redstone (among other things) and am the creator of the infamous original Minecraft combination lock using nine levers and a series of inverters and AND gates. Also, I am the creator of the not-so-infamous largest dome ever created in Minecraft, the Birch Dome Hotel on the server that my friend and I co-own. Anyways, I own a shop on SMP6 at adress 12102, which will be expanded to include nine more new items in the next couple of days. If you see people that have enderman skins on with red eyes, chances are that I made them. So far, 418 people have downloaded my various skins, and counting. I'm becoming a famous person! yay!
  2. Hey twinchicken86! Very impressive resume! I'm glad you've come over to EMC. We're a great group of people and our community is pretty epic. If you ever need any help with anything regarding the Empire, we'd be glad to help you. Just post on the Help and Support forum page and someone will be glad to guide you in the right direction. Welcome aboard and have epic loads of fun!
  3. Thanks. As you can see, I'm already part of the Delta Team, and now running for Master Builder! I have a couple of questions; I'll post them in a little bit.
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