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  1. So this is kind of a problem in my opinion...All these Iron farms, gold farms, and yes even DIAMOND farms, wither farms, infinite villagers. All this stuff in my opinion is ruining the economy, the value of glowstone DC has gone from like 60k down to like 40k. All this is just making me mad considering I love this economy but it is just being crushed. What is your opinion on this? This is kind of a rant but more of an opinion thing so whats your opinion?
  2. Haha, well I don't see it as a problem when I find you at the Iron Farm on Utopia!

    But anyway, I think it's perfectly fine - you can even say that it's the way the economy was meant to be! These farms were built with heaps of effort, so I guess they're worth the rewards.
  3. Low prices and competition are good for the consumer (person that buys the stuff). If you want me to pay more, offer a superior product or something that none else offers.
  4. Yeah its a way to make money xD im just saying the economy would be way more competitive
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  5. eh nothing is superior anymore really :p Everything is farmed naow xD
  6. However, those that own or have access to such farms or resources have worked incredibly hard to get to that point. Those diamond farms don't last very long until the momentus despawns or kills you; and they're really tough to build. When you think about, wither farms aren't even that efficient at their best. Even if you slab a load which takes forever, it would take you so many hours to get skulls for a beacon. Gold farms could probably at their top get you a stack of blocks per day and iron farms can get you probably a SC of blocks a day if yours is incredibly efficient. All the work that goes into said farms takes forever, and I think the creators deserve it. Even if Mojang didn't like it; I'm pretty sure no matter how they changed their game it would always be possible to make such farms.
  7. more competitive if you got rid of the farms? its actually more competitive now as indicated by the low prices.
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  8. Diamond farms are illegal though
  9. Huh maybe you guys have a point xD
  10. Well it's all chickeneers fault for the iron ;)
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  11. Diamond farms?...
  12. And you tried to join mine!

    Via enraged mobs.
  13. 1) trap momentus
    2) get his spawned enraged zombies to go through water into a killpoint
    3) they drop diamonds..

    It's just unstable since momentus is hard to trap, he'd probably kill you and despawn, and in the end he would despawn at some point.
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  14. Correct :p its a center of profit...I am not against these farms, i think the economy could be a bit better without them though...
  15. Theoretical max for iron is 1 DC blocks a day.
    Gold max needs to be investigated.
    Wither max (within reasonable slabbing) is 5 skulls an hour. (active work)
    Not going to talk about diamond farms. :p
  16. I have solutions for all three of those problems. :)
    and it shall remain a secret... muahahahaha...
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  17. Even so people will just mine for the iron gold or diamonds it not hard to get a fair few from mineinv so either way if peolle put the effort in then prices will stay low but with updates such as 1.7 it will restimilate the economy
  18. couple of thoughts:

    1) there is more to minecraft than rupees
    2) the economy in minecraft works the exact same way as the economy in real life, thus it's not mean to be fair... it's a system and the system works
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  19. Yeah point proven...good bye thread xD
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