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  1. im sorry for the caps but i have lost 21k worth of enchants because of this
    i was on smp 8 making an xp grinder when i got shocked by lightning
    i had 2 and a half hearts so i dug i hole
    i then randomly died. i dont know how but i did
    i went back to the 1 by 1 hole and nothing was there this has happened before and i thought i was because a creeper exploded but there was NO creeper or anything this time. i think its a new glitch that appeared and i just lost a brand new unbreaking 3 efficiency V pick that i spent 8500r on along with like 15 stacks of cobble and an power V bow i am sick of this. i dont know what to do now
  2. Pretty sure getting struck by lightning sets you on fire.
  3. it didnt and if it did why did my stuff disappear?
  4. all dropped items have a time limit. 5 minutes and they are gone. also lag could have made you seem to stop being on fire, but then you died, and somebody could have also found your items and taken them.
  5. That sucks too bad but fun Fact here In the US you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning then Wining the lottery xD
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  6. i think we all found that out yesterday with the 640 million $ jackpot!
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  7. Well it sounds to me like imRobertRobert explained it all to you items have 5min ground period and then they disappear and you must have definTely lagged due to what you described. We're you a far way away because if so that might be the problem why the items despawned.
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  8. but its only 5mins when you are in the same 9chunk radius :/
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  9. So sorry to hear it, but not much can be done... Sorry you got caught by lightning.. I accidentally blew up a players enchanted items today as well on smp9 during a raid on the shelter Malicaii12 built and I contributed to...
    I feel bad for it, the lag was so minimal that creepers functioned properly and it blew up on his dropped equipment. :(
  10. but im pretty sure that once you leave that area then they just disapear...
  11. Nope, if the chunk is not loaded they will stay there forever.
  12. really? weird... are you sure though? thats not true on my server...
    Yes This Has Happened TO Me But When I Went Back Items Invisible But Still Pick Them Up
    Btw U Shure No1 else picked them up o.o
  14. i think chunk loading is different for emc, unused chunks are unloaded to prevent lag or something like that
  15. Yes. Notch himself said that there is a 5 minute timer on dropped items that pauses if the chunk they are in is not loaded.
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  16. That may be the case, but I know I died on SMP5 by falling into a very deep hole someone dug, and it took me more than 5 minutes to get back to where I died from spawn. All of my items were there.
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  17. I dont think so I think its like if no one is in that radius in the next 10mins or something like that dunno google it xD
  18. This happened to me on smp6, lost diamond tools, armor, and even a stack of coal. It was a HUGE lightning storm, i walked outside for like 2 seconds, heard an explosion, took like 1 second of fire damage, and then died while staring at my screen, confused. Probably cause i was wearing an iron helmet.
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  19. When a player is struck by lightning it destroys all the items. Items dropped on EMC stay a lot longer then 5 minutes.
  20. yea but i have died by a creeper as well and my items werent there i think its because its a 1 by 1 hole idk im just angry