this is NOT a bann appeal form just read please

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would you like to see me back on emc?

yes 9 vote(s) 36.0%
no 16 vote(s) 64.0%
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  1. well i have been banned this is NOT a bann appeal form again i would just like to see how many people would like to see me back on emc once again NOT a bann appeal form
  2. Just to be a troll.
  3. Nah...

    *Cough* Disrespectful *cough*
  4. I must play on a different server than you. I would love to see everybody play EMC, but not rule breakers. Whatever you got banned for- was it worth it, would you do it again? If you came back, would you just break the rules again?

    I don't want you to answer those questions here, but think about them.

    Finally why are you a Gold Supporter.... Hopefully it isn't to get the added perks only, but because you want to support this great community.

    This is why I am clicking 'yes'.
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  5. He was banned for disrepsecting a moderator. In a PM he had an inaproprite sig and he said i was just triyn to have a little fun on this server
  6. If you were banned, you probably deserved it.
    If you wrongfully banned/framed please provide proof in a PM with a moderator.
    Also don't mention anything about the ban in public places.
  7. I'm just going to say that whatever you did to be banned in the first place is probably enough reason to not let you back on.
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  8. The odds of getting Un-banned is lower because of this. Keep your buisness between you and the Mod who is involved in this
  9. Laughing... Stupid choice's.
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  10. This is for seeing if the comminuty wants him back did you not read the title?
  11. And isn't he a member of the community?
    He was just giving his opinion, like we all are.
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  12. It's not whether or not the community wants him that decides if he stays or not. It's whether or not he can successfully appeal to the moderator who banned him.
  13. I don't think that's what he meant, I think that he is just seeing if everyone does want him back, before he appeals.
  14. Ill leave it at this the Moderator said "I dont think youve learned" so now i didnt give any details away on who it was
  15. Well if you do get un-banned you better make the best of second chance.
  16. I Say No
    Disrecpecting A Moderator Is Stupid.
  17. no u grieved blaze grinder
  18. Closing thread. OP has failed in their appeal (days before this thread) they will not be coming back.
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