This is my favorite band...just listen once you will fall in love!

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  1. Make sure to listen to the full song on each of these, they may start off slow but turn into pure greatness! Just bought the album on iTunes! Thanks for sharing with me guys! It's called Pendulum:

    This one is screamo/techno/awesome-o:
    This is a great one of everything:
    An awesome ending:
    The one that got me started:
    New release of awesomeness:
    Dubstep/techno/sex to the ears:
  2. Didn't fall in love.Do I get some kind of prize?
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  3. I like the more metal songs, but i'm not a fan of techno/electronic/dubstep
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  4. Yea, I don't usually listen to metal, but this one really striked me as awesome!
  5. I'm sorry. :(

  6. I love Weezer.
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  7. Freddiew!
  8. Freddiew Is the best FX youtuber!
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  9. Hell yea he is, like his guns and stuff he is so good!