This is my 2000th post, but better late then never.

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  1. So 162 days ago I joined EMC. In this time frame I have met some wonderful people, seen some great things and have had the best time!

    I have worked hard to become a well-known member of this great community and I have loved every minute of it. EMC sure is a great community and thank you to you all who welcomed me here those 162 days ago.

    I want to say some thank you'd.
    • First of all, thank you to the staff who make this place so fun! You guys do a great job.
    • Secondly, thanks to the mature members of this community who look after everyone! You know
    • who you are.
    • Above all, thank you to my great friends who I have met and love! (Not love love, but you get it). Don't be offended if you're not here - I have a crap memory - but here are some great people who I hope to be friends with for a very long time: SecretAznEks, hayleycolgan, HarryHyper, Muffincraft15, d3r3k_fawns, Leowaste, AldrinTheGreat, Zoebearfun105 and much more!
    • A member who is not great or mature but who just happens to be the forums troll/jester - SillyWhiteMage ;)
    • The great members of the community who keep this wonderful place going.
    In my time here I've seen some great people come and go. I hope to stay and see 50k members soon!
    Once again, thank you to the staff for moderating so greatly - and especially Justin and Jeremy for creating Empire Minecraft.
    And congratulations to me for hitting 2000 posts! :D Highest poster in history, excluding Justin. :D

    -Alex Chance
  2. Clearly spams the forums.
  3. I have never once seen him spam the forums.
  4. Definitely spams the forums. Nuisance player this one. For sure. =3
  5. /Sarcasm
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  6. I'm offended :(
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  7. Ugh, not you again.

    Give me all your rupees.
  8. Your cool, even if you didn't mention me in your post(I'm not a great or mature member.)
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  9. im round 900 :p ur so much :D
  10. I fixed that up for you ;)
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  11. Thank you. Though being the forum jester/troll is a respectable job.
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  12. Fixed again ;)
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  13. That awkward moment when you have 667 site posts and 222+ days on EMC XD AC Obviously spams the forums!
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  14. I spam all day and night ;)
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  15. awwwwww yeeeeeaaaaahhhh
  16. Alex.... How many posts do you post a day? 2000th posts in like 162 days thats........ Um...... -been rendered speechless-
  17. He holds a lot of AUCTIONS..
  18. I know I saw his auctions gets a ton of bidders! Unlike mine though
  19. I used to hold more before they got banned, this is nothing :)
  20. Why Did they banned the posts?
    Btw since you're a expert help me check my new auction if the starting bid Is alright