this is more of a minecraft issue but who knows maybe someone can help

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  1. my jar will not update, i can add things to it but it wont update.

    i have fully (atleast to my knowledge) rid my computer of minecraft including texturepacks and save files and still the broken file within my jar is there when i reinstall

    also since i reinstalled, my jar contains modloader files however modloader is not installed on my minecraft! and when i try just replacing them i get a blackscreen. idk what to do!!
  2. Wish I could help :) but I'm no good at this stuff :(
  3. Delete the minecraft folder completely then reinstall form
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  4. Try re-installing minecraft w/ deleting all .jar stuff
    Delete .minecraft completely and re-launch
    delete /mods folder in /.minecraft
  5. i already did all this advice lol ive even gone into the jar and deleted everything then worked my way out, its like backed up somewhere though so when i reinstall it contains all the same files
  6. Wow. Sucks for you. Know how you feel. xD
  7. Step 1: Delete all minecraft related things on your computer, including minecraft memes, backgrounds, and even destroying real life minecraft objects.
    Step 2: After deleting and destroying anything related to minecraft, reinstall minecraft from minecraft.jar
    Step 3: After you reinstalled minecraft, force update your minecraft.
    Step 4: Cry in rage because minecraft does not work.
    Step 5: Acquire a hammer - This can be done by buying a hammer at a hardware store or rummaging around your father's tool kit. If you need a tutorial to buy a hammer at a hardware store click here
    Step 6: Walk over to your computer. There is also a tutorial for this but it isn't done by me - click me
    Step 7: Raise your arm that is holding the hammer. NOTE: Make sure you are holding not the head/metal part of the hammer, but instead the long part with the metal part at the top.
    Step 8: Bring your arm holding the hammer really quickly down on the direction of your computer until you hit the computer making a satisfying sound. Repeat exactly 42 times.
    Step 9: Take the broken pieces of your computer and throw it in a trash can. Unfortunately there are no tutorials for this.
    Step 10: Buy a new computer.
    Step 11: Repeat steps 1-10.

    Enjoy :D!
  8. guys i figured it out! problem was i wasnt deleting my meta.inf folder immediately before resetting up modloader :D sometimes im to stupid for myself lol
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  9. Lol........