THIS... IS... me

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  1. Hello to people. My name's Joe. I just joined up yesterday :)
    I'm new to Empire but I reckon I'm getting the hang of it now :)
  2. oh well welcome to the empire, i think you'll like it here :)
  3. thanks. I do too :)

    because i told you. and why would i lie to you? I never lie... except when i dont tell the truth xP
  4. Welcome bro :)
  5. Thank you ^^
  6. Welcome to EMC, hope you enjoy it here
  7. Welcome by the way :) I"m sure you'll enjoy it.
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  8. Welcome.
  9. JOE -- Welcome, man. Everyone will be glad to help you get started, all you need to do is ask. =)
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  10. Ugh! So many lies! The cake is becoming obsolete!
  11. Welcome to EMC and to the forums. :p
  12. Welcome, Im sure you will have many great days here.
  13. I like how well written this is.
    Welcome to the Empire Joe!
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  14. So Joe, What server you playing on?
    May i recommend smp2 ;)
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  15. Welcome Joe, it's great to see a new member here.
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  16. Welcome pm me if you want your free kit . Refer to my sig