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  1. I am a fun loving energy ball. I love to play minecraft, and weeworld (Minecraft more). I have been with mc for a long long time. I hop that Mc is always loved and cared for. Thank you Notch ;). Back to me, I love The EMC site, and the EMC servers. I love to play on EMC smp2. This is one of the best servers yet, and I am glad the guys who made EMC are very praised for the best server yet. Forget the haters, their dumb, their just trollin, their just fat ugly nerds sitting at their computer like "hahah your fat and ugly!'. And what you say is I bet your the one who is fat and ugly, not me. Your just jeleous.
    Your loving fan 4 ever
  2. Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions, just post in the "Empire help and support" section of the forum, and somebody will gladly answer you. There aren't a lot of people on EMC that will call you "fat and ugly", by the way. And I do get the part about the "energy ball" thing. XD
  3. Yes, but there could be someone, I was just saying!!
    Your loving fan 4 ever
  4. Welcome to EMC. Where did you hear about us?
  5. See you're a girl thats 14 years old ''i think you get a lot attention xD''
    (i like girls :p)

    and Welcome!
  6. Lol ^

    Welcome to EMC!! Make sure to stop ny mt shop at 8017 (smp4)!! All new people who join the empire get a discount!
  7. From my Friend Josh, he goes on your servers sometimes. He username in Josh something cant remember the rest
  8. My shop is probably cheaper - SMP6 lot 12102! Super-cheap! Animal eggs too! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  9. okay ew! Do not please DO NOT be creepy
  10. I don't think he means to be creepy...
    But hey, I like girls too! :D
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  11. :/
  12. Hey, welcome to the Empire (-:
    I don't like girls, if that makes you feel more comfortable with the happenings of this thread :Ljk
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  13. You guys are scaring her. LOL!!!
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  14. Sorry but if you need something ask me ;)

  15. Everyone be nice, I don't want EMC to end up on Dateline NBC lol
  16. Lol WOW
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  17. It's a well known fact that there are no girls on the internet. Just big, beardy guys with skirts on.

  18. This thread is hilarious.
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  20. lol looks like we lost a new member
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