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  1. I am mr_petter and if anyone wants anything or just want to ask me questions, just write it under her....
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  2. Did you mean Peter instead of petter, or like "I'm a petter!"?
  3. Did you greif LLO?
  4. Will you beg for rupees?
  5. Write it under her what? O_O
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  6. Petter, would you follow me?
  7. Either No.1 or No.2 or No.3 or No.4 :p
  8. Do you like swimming
  9. neutral-if-you-know-what-i-mean-l.png
  10. I ment I am Petter:)
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  11. No, why should I?
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  12. No, I have the rupees I need;P
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  13. There was a sign at LLo saying that you greifed it. And I reported you. I'm sorry if you didn't greifed.
  14. Under her dress-_-
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  15. I have talked to creepincreepers7 about that so it's okay:)
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  16. If you follow me;)
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  17. Sometimes, but just in water0.o
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  18. Mr. Petter's profile says he's from Norway. I think Petter is used as a name there, like Peter. So... yeah.
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  19. Right, you got it!! Petter is the same as Peter, just Petter is a Scandinavian version:)
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