This Is Halloween Played By Noteblocks

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  1. Hey Guys :)
    So After searching for a long time I finally stumbled on a midi file of This Is Halloween and processed the midi file and:
  2. First! And awesome!
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  3. I approve of this Video :D
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  4. OMG, that's awesome. Now I want to download this map. Throwing my money to the screen but no map yet. :(
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  5. Okay I put the map download on the video.
  6. Bump for timezones
  7. Is that a dryer or like a shower of rain outside? honestly i paused the video cause i thought it was here lol
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  8. Hmm I didn't use my mic in this video. It must be raining invisable rain outside for you.
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  9. Dont get it.
  10. It's a minecart noise.
  11. wierd - i did have multiplayer and singleplayer both up and singleplayer rains alot ... but idk - it stopped when i paused the video ...

    yeh i listen to your video around 1:38 or so ... like a huge background noise like rain (unless it's the new minecart sounds) but it really does sound like rain pouring on a roof of a house/ siding though :p
  12. I hear nothing...
  13. It's the minecart sounds :)
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  14. Every time I type Minecart I start typing Minecraft
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  15. Love the song