This is getting stupid!

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  1. Alright, so I was working on something on SMP8, and a new player finished the tutorial! :) Well that's great, but when I can see the "XXXXX finished the tutorial and has joine the empire" and his first message being "Thankyou how do I claim a vacant lot" at the same time, it just pisses me off. Seriously. You literally JUST did the tutorial! Take a look at this...

    Enough is enough.png

    Now this makes me wonder. Are people getting stupider, or am I getting too smart for everyone else?
  2. Out of context, but I see your point. I am currently making a giant pixel-art and I'm running short on gray wool as you would've guessed(I almost pay Empire shop prices for someone lol). Also it's an honor to have those two facepalm me(I'm a fan).
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  3. Off topic - I think Amsbury on SMP2 still sells wool
  4. BRB buying wool (Lol)
  5. how do we get our chat to say who has joined ect? my chat doesnt do it
  6. In my experience it doesn't tell you if you're in the wild. But it should do while you're in town.
  7. This is even worse because one of the questions even was how to get to a vacant lot!
  8. na i dont get the msg's at all. Only T, l and s chat with no info as to who joined the empire ect
  9. do /chat status to get those messages again
  10. Exactly! That's my point!
  11. When I first joined and couldn't remember the command, I went to the guide and looked it up. The same with other commands until I memorized them.

    What I've seen here and while playing other games is people using the tool at hand instead of putting extra effort into it. So rather than tabbing out of Minecraft and opening a web page to look it up, they are using the other people who are playing the same game as a highly sophisticated(or primitive depending on who responds) search engine.

    I don't think it's necessarily stupidity or laziness. Sometimes when I need to hit something I use a screwdriver if one is handy and I think it will do the job. We're playing a social game and some people will find it easier to just ask rather than look it up themselves.
  12. Okay. He forgot the command. That's fine. But if he doesn't want/care to look it up first, it makes me wonder why??? And if I remember right, one of the questions were something like "Where can I get help?" or something, and the answer was the Empire guide? (Correct me if I'm wrong there) And Doesn't it say under every stage during the tutorial that you can look up the guide if you're wondering about something? And THAT'S what really grinds my gears(Stolen from Family Guy, but I thought it was fitting here).
  13. Im betting the person who said this if he can be on the forums seeing you posting this Zim, he/she is all like :
    OH SNAP, thats me ..... EVERYBODYS GONNA HATE ME NOW, oh wait ... They cant see my name .... >:]
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  14. My point is that if someone can get the answer to their question by pressing "T", then typing the question, why bother doing anything more?

    I've seen it in online games everywhere I've played. It's like people think they are on the Starship Enterprise or something. Not everyone thinks this way, but I understand why some might.
  15. Actually before you go JUDGING (although WAY to late) i have looked it up several times and found nothing that tells you how to get those kind of msg's on chat.

    Scroll down to "Turning Chat Statuses Off"
  17. Off topic- 911 on SMP1 has unlimited free wool :)
  18. The sad thing is, they'll say "Mah computr suks and i can't run miencraft and ie at the same time". That's what my brother says at least...
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  19. This is just ridiculous! The rumors about people following the chickens through must be true!