this is a story about a bully bashing news lady thats n my news

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have you been bully/ are being bullied

yes 12 vote(s) 66.7%
no 6 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Me> bullying.

    I took some Boxing,kick-boxing,Karate,Taek-won Do and jiu-jitsu...
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  2. I was always bullied for being androgynous and then later for being gay ... but one thing i hate more then anything is not being bullied my own self ( i can tolerate it to an extent) ... but i hate seeing other's bullied more ...
  3. I've been lucky enough never to be bullied (That might be because of my stature) and i don't really tolerate other people doing it either.
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  4. that stinks and i know the feeing i can stand bulling but i can not stand others being bullied
    so your a bully?
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  5. I can say I've been teased, however, who hasn't?? Everyone jacks around in high school and we all have fun. If you are getting bullied depending on the severity of the problem, go to an adult or just get some friends to stand up for you if you don't feel capable of doing the tough stuff.
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  6. I Edited my post.
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  7. In my elementary schools, I was being bullied by a kid, he was shorter then I, and I was SUPER short. He threatened to bring a water gun one day, then I said "no, you better not!" then the next day he brought a water gun. I was worried for no reason, but they searched his house, after I told the principal and came home crying to my mom. lol
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  8. Waterphobia?
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  9. I saw this video. It went wild. The lady was strong and said some very powerful words.
    Makes everyone feel warm inside. Except for the man who did such a horrible thing.
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    And then the bully is like....
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  10. I saw this on the news!
  11. Hey this lady is from LaCrosse, Wi. :D
  12. A light in the dark. someone actually fighting stereotypes and prejudice. There may be hope for humans yet.
  13. That would be Hydrophobia.

    I've always been bullied. Family, people at school, people in public all because of how I look and they think I make excuses. I no longer care to leave my house. I'm glad she stood up for herself.
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  14. I've been bullied all of my life, JUST because i'm different.

    I don't like to talk in front of teachers, which makes me seem like a person with no tongue, but I talk alot outside of lessons.
    I have discalculia, so I can't do simple or hard math and have a mentor and keyworker to help me.
    I have really bad emotional and anger problems. I'll punch someone's face at the slightest thing and i'll cry at the smallest insult.

    In primary school, I had no friends at all. I would play all by myself at break times. I admit, I had one on & off friend who is my 2nd best friend ATM.

    I put suicide into question. It's not really bad, I won't even commit self-harm because I'm too scared and don't want to... And because of all the people who would miss me.

    Somebody in my part of my town was gay, and it didn't end up well.
    He was bullied all of his life, and when he finally got a boyfriend at the age of 24, he was killed in front of children. He and his boyfriend were on a date together, walking home, and then a bunch of 17-18 year olds grabbed them both from behind.
    One was stabbed in the side, with the knife still inside of him. The other was dragged away, and the ones who held hold of the stabbed guy was dragged with him. They collected a bunch of sticks, and they had a lighter. They made a bonfire. By now, you could hear police sirens everywhere.
    The other one was tossed into the fire, the other one was about to be tossed in when the killers ran away because some police officers came. The one who was in the fire got up, screaming, and he had a badly charred body. He was running around screaming, and he fell. Some firefighters were about to spray him with water, when he just suddenly stopped screaming. He was sent to hospital, but he was dead before they even got him onto the stretcher. The survivor couldn't handle life for a few months, and he was found dead in his house a few weeks ago.
    Just consider yourself lucky you don't live where I live. There's child molesters, abusers, people who will stab eachother for money, people who are extremely prejudice and people who will kill because some people are different.
    Everybody on EMC is your friend, you have more friends than the bullies :)