This funny thing i do! :)

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  1. At school when im walking around with my friends, i say as a teacher walks by...
    "So I said to the guy, :) Right before i snapped his kneck".... and they always look at me like
    "What the heck? Omg , hes a murderer "
    And im like
  2. hahahahhaaha :p <-----first to post :p
  3. When I'm in a chat or an xbox party or whatever and someone new enters, I'll act as if I was talking about them and then stop to make them weirded out.

    *Jon enters chat/party*

    Me: "...yeah and Jon was all like...oh, um nevermind..."

    Jon: What? What were you saying?

    Me: "...nothing."
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  4. That confused me the first time you did that to me. I wasn't weirded out, just confused. It may have been like 4AM tho, so anything would've confused me.
  5. I only did this once, but I got in an elevator in a building with 47 floors, and just rode it up and down, staring at the back wall. You'd be surprised how many people looked at it with me ;)
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  6. I don't think I would do this now...but when I was 18 and stupid and didn't care what strangers thought of me...I would go to the mall with friends, and we'd pick a random stranger out and I would go up to them as if I knew them just to see if they'd play along.

    "Oh hey man! Long time no see. How've you been, how's the family?" etc...

    Most people played along.
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  7. That's actually a legitimate social experiment... We are sheep.
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  8. one time when i was young we were in an elevator packed with maybe 20 people and i decided to push every single number :) there were 60 floors :p
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  9. Another elevator story, at the beginning of the year, our hall mate Tom took my idea to put a desk in the elevator and every time it opened, ask "Do you have an appointment?" :D
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  10. hahahhahahaha funny so funny

  11. I've always wanted to do stuff like this.
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  12. Another elevator thing, I was in a crowded elvator and needed to fart, so i kept moving around the elevator until i farted, it was real loud. :p But i blamed it on the old man behind me.

    Coz im cool like that...:cool:
  13. My buddy Nate and I used to go around doing this in public. Everywhere.
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  14. i do this sometimes: im fishing and i watch someone get a big one and then i say big fish you eatin that? if they say you want it i say im allergic to raw fish just to confuse them