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  1. What...the...fudge cakes... Okay i just found this ... http://wohoo.hu/post/25239 ... What, since when are we licing in City 17? (Half-Life 2 reference) Srsly? Thats the most the police can do? These kind of morons should be shot...
  2. They booted an ambulance?
  3. I dnt think I'm seeing the same thing you seeing
  4. ill screenshot it XD

    And i dont really understand what it says :/

    Edit :
  5. The text isnt important,or has any meaning just the fact that the f ing ambulance got booted...someone had his/her last day...hopefully not
  6. I saw teh title and I was liek teh hell?
  7. Why the llamas did the police boot an ambulance... Whoever did that should be shot and have their remains fed to vultures. Forever.
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  8. I agree that is is pretty shocking that this ambulance has been clamped (or "booted" as you guys call it?) but I see why they did it. It's the same with police, if you do something wrong, no matter who you are, the punishment will still be the same.
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  9. Somebody probably died. Ambulances are exempt from all parking laws.
  10. as far as i know that rule is only solid in america. looks like this picture isnt in america tho.

  11. nope..it isnt, just a fair warning what i have to live with xd
  12. There is probably a story behind the picture, but I can't find it. Googling "hungarian ambulance booted" brings up two US stories:

    One is a story where there seems to be a rivalry between city workers and volunteers. In the other someone parked an ambulance in a busy inner city pay parking lot and a foreign worker didn't realize what he was doing.

    Ordinarily you don't get the boot unless you have a lot of unpaid tickets here.

    I suspect there is more to the story behind the picture. In the US, we make a lot of jokes about the police hanging around doughnut shops and restaurants. The driving of official vehicles gets abused a lot, not just by police.

    I have a neighbor who works for the state police and brings his patrol car home to park in his driveway. Supposedly it is to save the state gas, but from what he has told me, he also feels like it is a sort of insurance policy / job perk.

    I have another neighbor who works for the county road commission. A few years ago he used a county backhoe to "fix" the ditches in our neighborhood. The result was that the ditch in front of his property drains well, but I and the other neighbor downhill from him has a ditch full of water.

    There are more stories I could list. Anyway...

    Our own reactions to the picture suggest to me that someone might feel comfortable abusing the leniency that we might give an ambulance when parking at an emergency scene. So I'm wondering if maybe the person who was driving this ambulance was taking advantage of this and maybe parking illegally when he wasn't on an emergency call or something similar.

    Could you translate the text and do you know of a link to an article about this Wartrex? In Google translate, the text translates as "then you can put it on when I go to the gyerekedert". "Gyerek" translates to child and when I Google "gyerekedert", I get a lot of kids pictures so I'm thinking it means daycare, babysitter, kindergarten, school or something along those lines.

    If you could translate it for us or give us more information about the story behind the picture, I would know whether to be upset with the ticket giver for ticketing the ambulance while they were on an emergency call, mad at the ambulance driver for abusing his driving privileges, or something else.
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  13. also in america, an ambulance on duty is required to keep his lights on so if this translates there i doubt anyone died. and they dispatch ambulatory services based on availibility so i doubt a booted whaambulance would respond
  14. I looked it up... tha ambulance was parking in front of a hospotal...
  15. "Akkor is tedd rá, mikor a te gyerekedért megyek" basically "Put it on when im going for your kid too"
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  16. Could you provide a link please?
  17. You might notice an emergency vehicle parking in a fire lane, or in front of a supermarket, res truant etc.. this is because they are on duty and if there is an emergency, they need to be babel to respond faster, and easier. Here's a quote from the first article Pab posted, in which a reader replied and said "All their emergency vehicles were donated by private donors or are old ambulances that they put in service. Ambulances will frequently be incorrectly ticketed by parking enforcement. fyI all ambulances paid or private are emergency vehicles they are certified by the state to be a emergency vehicle. Tickets the boot is obvious there is another side we are not seeing. Ambulances should not be tickets or booted but are. Ambulances are authorized to park anywhere in an emergency you may think that just because the lights aren't on or its not oblivious that the crew inst in someones home helping someone. what this boils down to is paid never respects volunteers even though those volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty to provide medical services to their community. " It shouldn't happen when an ambulance is on duty, let alone at all. If there's an issue the correct way of handling it would have been to confront one of the line officers and handle it when the rig is out of service.