This brings back memories.

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Did you know that Chin made a Minecraft parody?

Yes. 2 vote(s) 11.1%
No. 16 vote(s) 88.9%
  1. Back in the summer of 2012, EMC held a video creating contest to see who could create the best Minecraft parody of a popular song. While searching for the thread, it appears that it is not around anymore (many old threads have been hidden due to people bumping them).

    I found RainbowChin's thread where he submitted his video in Google cache search, but it appears that his thread was one of those hidden. :(

    After some extensive YouTube searching, I finally his parody video.

    So, here it is, for all to enjoy. :)
    Note: Rainbow may not have actually made this... That is for you to determine lol
  2. Sounds like this contest might need to make a comeback =P
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  3. Eye of the spider :p
    Please do! That would be fun :p
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  4. There isn't enough Welsh in this video.

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  5. That was beautiful in many, many ways.
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  6. I can only dream to have such amazing dance moves some day.
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  7. I never knew RainbowChin made a parody that got 1.8 million views..
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  8. The dance move at 3:12 almost made me fall out of my chair...
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  9. By the way, this is a joke, right?
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  10. I sure do hope so...
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  11. lol, I'd love that
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  12. Interesting that you should link to a thread that was posted a week before I joined...
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  14. And the video one day before I joined, very close :cool:
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  15. One last bump.:p