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  1. Turning 30 tomorrow. Just to let everyone know.
  2. Happy Birthday for tommorrow! Buddy :D
  3. Oh, congrats! Happy early birthday, in case I'm not able to contact you then. :3
  4. Happy birthday
  5. I won't congrats you till tommorow :)
  6. Happy birthday. 30 isn't bad, It's every birthday after that.
  7. Happy B-Day! Gimme your address and I will send you a clown. :p
  8. Yeah. The birthday has lost its appeal. Wife and I were at the beach house last weekend. I got waved through every door, while she got carded. She turns 29 in a month. I was absolutely not amused.
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  9. Congratulations with tomorrow :)

    Thanks god I still have alot of years to my 30. :)