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  1. Has anyone tried to talk to notch and get EMC the official MC server? if you havnt you should try i think it could happen..
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  2. Im not sure but i think someone has E-Mailed him, or something else. (Im not sure.)
  3. I'm not sure that's a really good idea. I mean if EMC was the official minecraft server, it would probably have to run the official minecraft server application. We'd miss out on all Justin + bukkit's cool additions.
  4. If it were the official server, it would be overrun with people and the administration of it would become a monumental task. It could potentially ruin the awesomeness that EMC has become.
  5. Although recognition from Mojang would be cool MeVoid it would require a HUGE upgrade, like thousands of smp's to even begin to handle the traffic it would bring (also known as a ton of money).
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  6. Hm... If Justin opens 1 New SMP every month, it would take about 83 years to have 1000 SMP's.
    So meaby after 83 years Justin could try to make this offical MC server!
  7. I could call him and ask,I live in the same town and already have him and his boss phone number in my cell :D
  8. You know Notche's phone number? O_O
    Tell Me It! Tell Me It! Tell Me It!
  9. I would leave EMC if EMC became the official Minecraft sever. Why, all the griefers, and I could never get in a sever. Plus, the spam and lag.
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  10. yeah i guess it would be bad lol.
  11. Yeah just make some cheap servers :p and let SMP1-2-3-4-5-6-7 to the first 20k members who joined us :p
  12. I call SMP3! Time to make them into my little slaves... MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH cough cough...
  13. I have REALLY met Notch on some server I found on youtube!
  14. Probible Mob disguaise "/md p Notch" does it and you get the Mojang cape :p
  15. OOOOOH yeah because he had the Mojang cape ok he is fake
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  16. If Notch puts E.M.C as the official minecraft server we will rack up $$$. So much $$$...