things keep going missing out of my chests

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by lkjhj6, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. my iron, and diamond things have gone out of my chest last time they came back, but now they haven't. why?
  2. Where is your chest?
  3. its in my res its all come back now apart from my 10 iron and just went in and the chests had destroyed themselves and all my things were on the floor
  4. hmm... does anybody have permissions on your lot?
  5. yeah my friend but he only has build permission and hes sat rite next to me so i can c his screen. but the chest just blew up in front of me he said its just done in now dont no why its doing it
  6. Do you have a sign for a workbench that says Access Everyone within 4 blocks of this chest. If you do there is a glitch that will allow full access to anything within 4 blocks of that sign
  7. no i dont have anything like that but now i have moved my things into my friends house and all my workbenches in my house just destroy them self i then removed a chest then and destroyed it and it keeps coming back in my house.
  8. poltergeist... thats my best guess. i would ask a Moderator. but alas, it apears that one has already responded...
    Take it away,RObbieJo!