Things I type into chat while alone on SMP3

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DrewRadio, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. I reported you for caps so you wouldn't feel so alone... (Not really).
  2. It would have been pretty hilarious if he had been kicked for caps.
  3. /kick Drew......"Wait what I'm not doing anything >.>" proceed on playing MC
  4. Lol, it's like looking around before you fart in a store, then looking again to make sure nobody heard it.

    (I don't do that. :rolleyes:)
  5. That descibes my aunt, one time in Target, I was looking at a baseball glove and all of a sudden shes walking away and boom the smell smacked me in the face, it was absolute terror. :p
  6. >.> I have an aunt who does the same thing and then laughs about it and talks about it the whole way home like she just performed some sort of miracle.
  7. I do.

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  8. Well, technically you are not YELLING at anyone right? Lol
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  9. Pandas last Christmas at her aunt's house:

    slightly unhappy.jpg
  10. icecreamcow dwight bann me for no reason and i didnt steal any thing in the wild:(
  11. This is no place for that; send him a PM about this
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  12. wrong way to appeal, start a convo with Dwight then see if you can get unbanned.

  13. What about caps n' hats?
  14. Most of the time when I am alone I just type something like "Anyone there?"

    And I don't get a response coz I'm the only one there
  15. well he said he wouldent let me back on
  16. This happens a lot on smp5 only people are on but staff aren't and we start partying
  17. We also yell START A FIRE! I mean riot.
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