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  1. Hey thought I would share somthing I am doing I am smelting over 1k cobble for RobbieJo and if you guys need a small job like this just ask :p I don't charge just say Thank you and help the community out :)
  2. You call that a SMALL job?
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  3. Eh Look here not too bad!

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  4. Isn't the map thing a mod? :O
  5. Yea its Rei's minimap, why?
  6. I thought mods have to be permitted on Empire before one uses them.
  7. Its an accepted mod. Read harder lol
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  8. I'll be smelting 5000 stacks in about a month. How long is 1000 blocks taking?
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  9. Eh not long its more like 3k ish tho :p I just smelt em and switch when I get a crap ton of coal from robbie.
  10. Oh. :oops:
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  11. Yeah, it is VERY useful too. You should look into it :p
  12. Nice work, i been smelting unkown amount at LLO, I'm glad have unlimited source of charcoal what you smelting it with. also haha about can i borrow someone silk touch
  13. I installed it, but then I uninstalled it because I didn't like it.

    EDIT:By uninstall I mean restore my .minecraft to a old backup from yesterday.
  14. I was on at this time I know this guy :D
  15. I gave 1k to a random guy yesterday and 20k to robbie I got a heart.
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  16. Please don't ask for an item on my thread. Also I was using charchol, coal, and some blaze rods.
    Hahaha, don't feel bad.
  17. How not!? :eek: You can set waypoints with it so you never have to use the map lol.
  18. haha you misunderstood what i was saying , on you picture someone was asking that and that also cracks me up.
  19. Well my monitor is small so I couldn't see it very well.