Things at my res in smp5 (10215)

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  1. Hey guys and girls,

    Sytza and I got an awesome concert hall with music and fans. To get in you need to pay 10r.
    Times of concerts will be posted.

    And I got an awesome shop on my res to, I made it as cheap as possible. To earn some money.

    At another res at smp5 (10220). There Sytza and I made a race track. There you can race and we got a leader board! Potions upgrades (swiftness 1 and 2)

    2012-04-10_21.15.14.png 2012-04-10_21.17.02.png 2012-04-10_21.17.20.png
  2. How would these concerts work? :)
  3. it is a dj making music and you got a seat to watch it
  4. if we say that there is a concert you can buy tickets and we lwt you in and then make music with dics!
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  5. Well the shop is now getting bigger and bigger!
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  6. I'll post a picture pf the new potion shop! I think I'll do that today!
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  7. you havent post it but i have seen it it is very nice with different nether products!:D
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