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  1. I am kinda new to the forums and I wanted to know how you get the comments below when you post something. Please tell me i want to know.
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  2. Comments Below?
  3. Signature?
    I think I have an old image showing how to do those.

    There we go, found the right image.

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  4. like under your name like jay2a has himself. How do you do that?
  5. Go here: My thing 2.png
  6. Did i do it idk?
  7. I want like on the bottom it says achievement got or something.
  8. I tried did i get it?
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  10. Put in what you want and press generate, it will give you the forum bb img code to paste into your signature.
  11. Click the link, then click achievement, create what you want then, click generate and copy the BBCode, then paste it in your signature. (I used to much commas...)
  12. Ok did I get it?
  13. you used the html. grab the BBcode :)
  14. I want the image to be showing after my comment.
  15. You need to copy a certian one for it to acctually show up.
  16. Ok third time is a charm.
  17. There ya go!!!